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Experienced Deck Building Services in Syracuse NY

Extend the footprint of your home with a quality deck from CNY in Syracuse!

Every one of our professional team members understands the beauty and pure relaxation of pulling up a chair and sitting back on a custom-made deck as the sunsets. At CNY Home Renovations, we aim to please you with a fully customized deck building designed to extend your family’s living space to the outdoor world. 


We have built and crafted stunning solutions for deck builders near me clients require throughout the season. These are custom-made decks for everything from entertaining with a family BBQ to hosting an intimate wedding service for those declaring their love for one another. Our decks are built to last and hold up to all seasons that move through Syracuse. 

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Most deck builders in Syracuse, NY focus on getting the job done as quickly as possible. While we work hard to finish up on time and within budget, we also want to ensure a quality outcome for our clients that meets any changes requested. That means having the flexibility and experience to work closely with your dream deck design. 


When it comes to finding professional Syracuse deck builders capable of handling any size project, look no further than our team at CNY. We have been a proud member of the local Syracuse community for more than 20 years, serving thousands of clients with bespoke and professional remodeling, refining, and constructing services. 

Boost Your Property Value with a Beautiful Deck in Syracuse

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A deck is the main character in the story of your life. It is the constant companion to midnight conversations between friends and whispered family rumors over morning coffee when extended guests come to visit. It is where your young children fantasize about being animals on safari just as much as the sacred chair of grandparents in their golden years. 


Our professional team will work with you to source the best possible materials and design structures for your deck-building needs. We want to be sure every detail of your new deck is well thought out ahead of time so that once we begin, we can move at a steady pace, overcoming any changes that pop up along the way with expertise and confidence. 

Start with a Free Syracuse Deck Building Estimate 

Getting the deck of your dreams begins when you reach out to our team and schedule a no-obligation, 100% free quote for our services. We will cover the time we expect to take as experienced Syracuse deck builders, as well as all the costs of materials, equipment, preparation, and work hours. 


No matter the size of your proposed deck, we are happy to accommodate your needs. We enjoy the challenge of crafting something new and exciting that can be used as part of our growing portfolio for client referrals and return needs. 


If you are ready to enjoy the deck you have always wanted, you need to contact us at CNY Home Renovations today! We look forward to creating a fantastic deck for your family to enjoy for generations to come. 

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